Samouraï by Adrien DONOT, via Behance | SAMOURAÏ | Pinterest

I am death, destroyer of worlds. 
soothe me setting sun
The Wanderer by zweeZwyy
Cascade by Hollow-Phoenix
Requiem by Ageaus
Root Lord by conzpiracy
Light in The Darkest Places by BjornBauer

Bacteria Art

This bacteria art developed by Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob, The Maguy-Glass Professor, in Physics of Complex Systems, School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University

The structures and forms bacteria can take when multiplying in a petri dish can be quite psychedelic. This fractal looking - “could be album cover” was created by introducing environmental stress onto a colony of bacteria.
Creation by OneLifeOneArt
Flow by edlo

Underground Temple by SigHs on Flickr.